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Services Provided

• Nutritional counselling for adults and children
• Guest lecturing on the latest health and nutrition topics
• Book signings
• Office and phone consultations
• Personalized meal and supplement plans
• Menus for specific health issues

Health Benefits of Nutrition Counselling

• Lower blood sugar, cholesterol and trigyceride levels
• Weight management
• Reduced risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes
• Healthier aging
• Stabilized blood pressure
• Enhanced brain and eye function
• Healthy skin, hair and nails
• Stronger bones and joints
• Increased immunity, energy and endurance

*Dr. Shields accepts most insurance plans. Sliding scale fees are available.

*Consultation options include office, phone, e-mail and home visits.

Contact Dr. Shields for more information about his promotion package, which includes VitaShield Advanced One Daily together with two other core supplements: a high potency Probiotic and a premium quality Omega-3 Fish Oil.