• Shmuel (Rick) Shields, Ph.D., is a certified nutritionist who brings over 20 years of clinical experience, lecturing, and writing to his nutrition practice. He works privately with adults and children, providing individualized strategies and personal attention attuned to the unique needs of each client. Dr. Shields is the founder and president of Balanced Living Inc., a company that offers health education services to organizations and corporations. Most recently, he authored the popular, inspirational book L’Chaim: 18 Chapters to Live By, which incorporates meal plans, recipes, practical takeaway tips and stories that help turn healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss into achievable goals.

      After extensive research, Dr. Shields developed the exclusive vitamin- mineral supplement, VitaShield Advanced Formula, together with Freeda Vitamins, a leading kosher manufacturer. His cutting-edge vitamin line now includes VitaShield B Advanced Bone Formula and VitaShield Round Advanced Chewable.

      How is his vitamin line in sync with our times?

      Dr. Shields developed his progressive supplements to keep up with the latest findings in the field of nutrition. Each unique, cutting-edge formula incorporates a combination of properly balanced, easily absorbed essential vitamins and minerals put together by Dr. Shields based upon the most recent scientific studies.

      In order to stay current with the continuously changing nutritional research, VitaShield Advanced Multivitamin-mineral formula has undergone three revisions since its creation eight years ago. It now includes higher levels of Vitamins D and B12, a natural source of Vitamin K2, and more Bioflavonoids, all of which could be missing in adequate amounts from the standard Western diet. Similarly, VitaShield Round and VitaShield B include Vitamins K2 and D3, which support optimum bone and cardiovascular health, according to the most up-to-date medical studies.

      Further, due to growing concern with food sensitivities in both children and adults, Dr. Shields has always made sure that his formulas would not contain common allergens, such as wheat, eggs, lactose, and artificial colors and flavors. They are also free of gluten, yeast, sulfites, and sugar. All ingredients are pure, vegetarian, certified Kosher, and conform to the Feingold diet.

      Contact Dr. Shields for more information about his promotion package, which includes VitaShield Advanced One Daily together with two other core supplements: a high potency Probiotic and a premium quality Omega-3 Fish Oil.

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